What is Circuit training?

Circuit training improves muscle strength, strength and endurance, as well as the functionality of the cardio-respiratory system. There are many variations of the method, depending on the skills that, among these, you want to benefit, and is therefore considered effective for physical preparation for different sports, as well as for fitness and for weight loss. […]

The method of pilates

Developed in 1920 by famed trainer Joseph Pilates, the Pilates Method is a training system focused on improving the fluidity of movement, strength throughout the body without creating an excess of muscle mass; a system, therefore, in antithesis with traditional bodybuilding. But the Pilates method is not just physical exercise, it is also physical and […]

Eating, drinking and aerobic exercises

In the article “The energy cost of high-impact aerobics, based on experimental data, was calculated how much energy is spent during an aerobics class and, above all, the ways in which this” energy expenditure “takes place. note that usually aerobic students tend to practice at an intensity that is, albeit not too much, higher than […]

Aerobic gymnastics

The word aerobics appears for the first time thanks to the studies of Dr. Kenneth Cooper, an American doctor who published in 1968 the book “Aerobics”. Dr. Cooper, after graduating in medicine and a few years of doctorate in the military, following a rapid and unexpected increase in weight (about 20 kg.), Which caused him […]

Importance of Gymnastics

The term Gymnastics lends itself to multiple interpretations and certainly makes us fly with the mind to “clich├ęs” derived from this very ancient term. Starting right from the Greek Gymnos, immediately imagine the torch held by the torch bearer and the Olympic games of Olympia; or to record: – hop, hop, hop – given by […]

H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training)

Acronym of High Intensity Interval Training, the H.I.I.T. it is a training method that is part of Interval Training, workouts that alternate short periods with high intensity of work with periods of active recovery in which exercises are performed bland. The main characteristic of H.I.I.T. is its duration: a training session can last from 4 […]

What are anabolic steroids?

Anabolic steroids are substances with an action similar to that of the male hormone testosterone. Substances, like the hormone, by binding to specific cell receptors induce typical changes related to sexual differentiation, mainly an increase in muscle mass and strength. In the synthetic steroids the masculinizing effect is reduced but maintaining the stimulating effect on […]